Quube Exchange - First Quantum Resistant Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where cryptocurrency market participants can buy and sell their currencies crypto assets at a set rate. Cryptocurrency exchanges are suitable for trading such as stock exchanges that allow income a profit from currency fluctuations. The cryptocurrency volatility is much higher than stock market fluctuations traders to achieve large profits in a short period of time several times higher.

Quube Exchange presents something new to the world of cryptocurrency and in the world of crypto exchange. Which where Quube is Launch of the first quantum security and secure token ecosystem with professional exchange platform that allows the STO / ICO project to raise funds quickly among accredited and non-accredited investors.

Aspire your commitment to follow quantum evolution and so on ensure quantum safe ecosystems, Quube adopt certain quantum keys overall management mode platform-the links between the data the center and the user are protected by Forencryption and QRA signatures. They fall in love with us data center and backup or the recovery center is protected by QKD.

Quantum computing

Hasil gambar untuk quantum computer"

Quantum computing is considered the culmination of the development of parallel computing. So, the system able to complete the most complex computing tasks that cannot be accessed for traditional computers. Especially, Quantum computers are suitable for modeling natural resources for the benefit of chemists, materials engineers and molecular physicist. With the advent of quantum computers scientists will be able to find a catalyst for CO2 capture from the atmosphere, superconductors function at room temperature and new cures for incurable diseases treatment.

The indicated figure shows that the term “quantum computers” is more and more discussed in mass media (blue sloping upline describes media hits number increasing since mid-2015). However, comparing the term “quantum computing” with more commonly known one “artificial intellect” (orange line on the figure below), we make a conclusion that “quantum computing” is the infant sphere that is expected to undertake a long way.

Utilize QRP Token to launch STO / IEO
A QRP token is selected for initial offering. The token is planned to be launched on ERC-20 standard using Ethereum blockchain.
The QRP token has the function of a utility token being used for stake lottery to be reserved for the STO/IEO services. There will be no other ways but QRP tokens using.

Private sale price :
 $USD 0.3
Token price : $USD 0.5
Total supply : 250’000’000QRP
To be offered : 175’000’000QRP
Total cap :  $USD 87’500’000
Private offer cap : $USD 15’000’000
Private sale date : 9thAugust— 24thOctober,2019.

How to buy QRP Tokens? Buy here https://qrp.quube.exchange/?referral=565262fee3d905a7131d

QRP is the blockchain of the blockchains  "protocol recording logs of everything going on the STO exchange and Token lifecycle transactions if launched on the Quube platform. The blockchain differentiates by encapsulating the public key details and adopt LIBOQS coding preferences avoiding quantum attack. QRP Token is a collateral and tickets for the STO/IEO campaigns. QRP is fuel to maintain the ecosystem of exchange and the dedicated STO blockchain."

Stake disrequired for all tokenization, including asset backed or non-asset backed.A minimum stake is $USD 1500 which is 0.3% from the lowest capital of $USD500’000 equivalent allowed to offer.



CHANNEL : https://t.me/QuantumWarriors
YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC20AlUjjnNADkd7hd-dBW7A

BITCOINTALK USERNAME : yehestielsiburian
BITCOINTALK URL : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2112339 
QRP Email : yehestielsiburian@gmail.com

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